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Meet Kristen


As a teenager I remember my parents scraping together money to take me or one of my siblings to the doctor.  Even when we could afford health insurance, we still had to worry about deductibles and co-pays.  Those visits were the first time I realized the healthcare system was broken.  My parents owned their own business and worked countless hours - yet the system was failing them.  Over the past 2 decades, many things have changed within the system, and one of which has been the cost.  It's increasing!!!

Kristen Knight, PA

Physician Assistant

I met my husband in college and we welcomed our first child in 2015 and just welcomed our second in 2018.  We live in Lake Highlands with our two dogs, and are both active in our professional and local communities.  You may find us walking around the neighborhood many evenings, going to the dog park at White Rock Lake or enjoying family time at the zoo or arboretum.  We love watching our daughters grow, and feel blessed every day to live here in Dallas.

Kristen Knight PA Paradigm DPC Dallas DFW Concierge

"It's like having a doctor in the family."

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