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We offer medical grade ear and nose piercing in office by our providers

Paradigm Family Member Pricing

$75 for both lobes 

$65 for one ear or nose 

Non-Member Pricing:

$110 for both lobes 

$85 for one ear or nose 

Pricing includes piercing earring(s), cleaning swabs.

Numbing cream available for $5

Please contact us to set up an appointment or if you have any other questions.

Why Pierce with Paradigm?

It wasn't until it came time to pierce our own children's ears did we realize the incredible differences between medical and retail piercings.  As a medical mom, we felt it was of critical importance that we have trained healthcare professionals pierce our children's ears in the most sterile and lowest risk outcome possible.  Enter our decision to start doing piercing!

Dr. Benson herself even grew up with earring metal allergies, and it wasn't until learning about the Blomdahl method and their medical grade plastic, single-use sterilized cassettes that she considered letting her daughters get pierced ears.  The individually sterilized medical grade plastic studs used in our earrings have 0% nickel decrease the risk of allergic reactions and sensitivities to earrings.  2% of people are born with nickel allergies, but it increases to 25% when pierced with an earring with nickel.  We do carry titanium posts as they are the safest metal to decrease this risk, but medical plastic reduces the risk the best.

In addition, the posts are a larger diameter than traditional studs, allowing for better wound healing, decreasing the risk of closing holes and decreasing damage with your first earring change. The backs of these studs are always fixed at the tip of the post, allowing it to move and circulate air - optimizing healing.  We also offer pre-procedure numbing cream in order to minimize pain during the procedure for those interested.

While there is no age restrictions for piercings, we generally recommend piercing kids ages 5 and up to help improve outcomes.  

Medical Plastic Earring Selections

Selection varies based on availability

Titanium Earring Selections

Selection varies based on availability

Titanium is the safest metal option to use in medical procedures and you may have heard of it being used in things such as hip and knee replacements. Titanium will bind what little nickel there is extremely well. In other words, little or no nickel is released into the skin and underlying tissue. From an allergy perspective, it is the safest of all metals.

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After Piercing Instructions

Always wash your hands before touching your ears.

Clean the hole thoroughly twice a day with soap and water or Blomdahl Piercing Aftercare cleaning swabs.

Learn how to clean your newly pierced ear HERE.

Learn how to clean your newly pierced nose HERE.

For earlobe piercing, you can remove and replace the earring after 6 weeks (at earliest), 4 weeks for nose, and 12 weeks for cartilage.

Learn how to safely remove your ear piercing earring HERE.

We recommend you always wear nickel-free earrings in the first year, as risk for developing sensitivities is highest then.

Want more instructions?

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