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What is Paradigm Family Health?
Paradigm is an independent primary care practice focusing on the physician:patient relationship.  This clinic was founded because we believe your healthcare should be personalized, accessible, affordable and exceptional.  We don't accept insurance because we believe the only people involved in your healthcare should be you and your physician.  Learn more about us.  Because of the nature of our clinic, we are not a walk-in clinic.  We are by appointment only, though that appointment could be minutes after requesting it.
Why should I choose Paradigm Family Health for my healthcare?
Because everyone needs a best friend that's their doctor!  Well, not literally, but we've all had the sudden horrible sore throat right before leaving on a trip.  Or actually been on the trip and gotten sick.  Or had a kitchen mishap and needed help with the wound.  Or wondered about that new weight loss drug they saw an ad for.  Or not understood your doctor's instructions, but it was too painful to get through the office lines and myriad of nurses to get an answer.  The list goes on and on!  In our clinic, you will develop a relationship with your physician and be an active partner in your healthcare.  Why wait any longer?  Take control of your health today and experience a revolution in healthcare at Paradigm Family Health.
What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?
The American Academy of Family Physicians defines DPC as an innovative model where patients typically are charged a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee (i.e., a retainer) that covers all or most primary care services.  This benefits patients by providing substantial savings and a greater degree of access to, and time with, their physician.  Every DPC practice can inherently be different in their structure including pricing and services offered.
Is this Concierge Medicine?
Not exactly but yes. While the two types of models are similar, they are not synonymous.  Generally, in a concierge practice, the patient typically pays a higher retainer fee plus other health insurance plan obligations (e.g., co-pays, out-of-pocket expenses) and the practice continues to bill the patient's insurance carrier.  By eliminating the staff needed to bill insurance - we've decreased the fee and offer the same services including access to your physician's cell phone, same/next-day extended visits and included procedures.
What are the benefits of joining Paradigm?
Let's try to start from the beginning.  Whether you have amazing, mediocre or no health insurance, Paradigm's revolutionary membership model helps achieve financial control over your healthcare as 85-90% of typical healthcare needs can be taken care of by a primary care physician.  When you need to see your doctor, you won't need to wait 2 weeks for the next open appointment or an hour in the waiting room.  We offer timely same/next-day appointments and can even come see you in your home or at work - no more waiting!  And on top of that, we offer complete telemedicine availability (text, email, videocalls, phone).  Whether it's a quick question or you're just out of town, often the problem can be solved without being seen.  If you want your loved ones involved in your care, they can be!  Need longer visits to go over complex problems? Done!  Are you tired of feeling like you blinked and your doctor was out of the room??  Not anymore.  When you do need to see the doctor, you won't be rushed or feel like you're coming back "so they can bill you again".  We can get you in and out quick, or have hour long visits - all depending on your needs.  Your care is tailored to you and your needs.
And to top it off, all your procedures done in office are already included in your membership fee. Labs and imaging are offered at heavily discounted prices or you can use your HSA/flex/insurance.  We are even working to get substantially discounted prices on medications!  And as our practice grows, so will in-house benefits. From in-house imaging to nutrition counseling to counseling services - the possibilities are exciting!  But the best part, in our opinion, is having a physician who cares for you like she'd care for her own family. Save money, save time, and receive outstanding healthcare.  
YOU are the main priority at Paradigm Family Health.  
Why monthly fees?
In the current healthcare system, doctors are incentivized to see as many patients as possible during the day. After all, it is a business.  Your doctor is reimbursed by your insurance company (at an undisclosed negotiated rate) when they see you - and only when they see you.  Often times, the doctor does not even know these negotiated rates off the top of their head.  Adding a strep test, depression screen or review of lab work increases the cost of the visit - and because of deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, patients often get bills later.  We ourselves have been the patient dealing with these unpredictable bills - and it's not only stressful, but frustrating!
Having a low monthly membership fee, allows us to operate the practice on a day-to-day basis and build-in costs  so you don't receive unplanned bills.  Our goal is to be transparent with our pricing and services, all while offering our patients the luxurious healthcare previously only dreamed of: extended appointments, full access to your physician (not a nurse help line), relaxing clinic atmosphere and a partner in your healthcare decisions. 
But if your prefer to structure your budget with one-time purchases, we also offer a yearly membership plan - and at a discount!

How many patients do you care for?
Our enrollment is limited to 600 patients per provider.  A traditional primary care clinic maintains approximately 3,000 patients and an urgent care typically see more than 600 in a week!!  By keeping our total member enrollment low, we can continue to offer unparalleled access and individualized care!
Do you take Medicare patients?
We do. However, we do not bill Medicare for our services. As such you will pay a membership fee just like all of our members.  As a Medicare patient, you can use your Medicare or supplement plan for labs, imaging, medications or referrals.  
Do you take insurance?
No. But you can use your insurance for referrals, labs, vaccines and imaging.
What if I need labs or imaging done?
We have negotiated wholesale prices with local labs.  Price lists available in the clinic - no hidden fees or big bills a few weeks later!!
You can also use your insurance to pay for labs and imaging.  Think about your health insurance similar to car insurance.  You wouldn't submit a tiny fender bender to your insurance if your deductible wasn't met, why submit small lab expenses?
I have a lot of health problems, do you charge extra?
Our monthly membership fees are the same price for every patient, regardless of pre-existing conditions. Some labs, tests, and procedures may cost extra but we will negotiate wholesale pricing on these!  We will manage your health problems to the extent of our practice limitations and will refer to a specialist when necessary.  And if a referral is needed, we will still be your quarterback and make sure everyone will be in the loop.
What if I'm healthy and never see the doctor?
This is a great problem to have!!  But shouldn't your doctor also focus on helping you prevent disease and maintain wellness?  When was the last time you had an in-depth preventative wellness visit?  As we grow, we hope to continue to offer more services including nutrition counseling, personal training, functional medicine, etc.  But in the meantime, don't let that pesky sinus infection keep you down.  Whether you're travelling or you're home here in Dallas, when you have an acute problem we're here for you!  And best part is - no wait times and same-day/next-day visits!  Getting ready to travel internationally?  We can use telemedicine to help solve most medical problems while you're abroad.  Never again do you have to worry about finding an urgent care or wondering about a provider's skill level. Think of our retainer as a way to help cap your medical expenses.
Can I use my HSA or FSA to pay for your services?
Consult your tax or financial advisor.  There is no distinct answer currently.  It's very inconsistent and confusing BUT there is current federal legislation sitting in a committee that will clarify the issue!  We will update this/notify patients as soon as legal clarification is made!
What if I need to see a specialist?
We can make referrals like any traditional primary care doctor (unless you have a HMO, this can sometimes make it tricky because they require a "gatekeeper", but we will work with you).  BUT, here at Paradigm, not only do we have the ability to have longer visits to truly discuss your health issue with the goal of minimizing referrals, your membership includes e-consults with specialists through RubiconMD in an effort to decrease the need for formal referrals.  This connects your doctor with a specialist in 4hrs on average!  Way better than that traditional 4 week wait!
What if I need to be admitted to the hospital?
If you feel you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately.
Paradigm does not have admitting privileges at any hospital.  If you need to be hospitalized, we will work to help coordinate care during and after your hospitalization.  While no one can predict when your appendix will rupture, the goal of our clinic is to minimize hospitalizations by focusing on preventative care and increasing accessibility to your doctor.
Remember, you will still need insurance to cover any hospitalization. We are not an insurance policy.
What if I need to go to the emergency room?
If you feel you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately.
While we will focus on preventative care, some things may require evaluation at an emergency room as they would at any clinic.  
Does my membership count as health insurance under the Affordable Care Act?
No it does not.
What if I don't have health insurance?
No worries, you can still be a patient here at Paradigm.  We offer all imagings and labs at substantially discounted prices!  This is regardless of your insurance status!  We do recommend insurance though - but this is for the rare big things like surgeries, true emergencies, chronic diseases such as cancer.  Think of it like car insurance - we maintain it because it's the law and to help us pay for any major problems.  We don't use car insurance to cover your car's routine maintenance or small problems, so why should we use health insurance like that?  There's a reason our premiums keep rising!  Because all of your primary/urgent care needs are met with our low monthly membership fee - we recommend a high deductible plan.
What if I already have health insurance?
Perfect!  Like stated above, we believe it is important to have health insurance to help cover the big expenses.  If you're worried about "paying double", don't forget you already do!  You pay once with your premium and then again with your deductible and out-of-pocket.  At Paradigm, we will work to save you money by minimizing total out-of-pocket expenses with our predictable monthly fee and our value-rich clinic!  Or better yet, change to a high deductible plan as this will most likely bring you the best savings when pairing it with our clinic.  We can guide you to the right avenues to find appropriate plans.  
Do you work with small businesses?
Yes.  We'd love to talk to your business about helping offer an affordable and ideal healthcare solution to its employees!
How do I pay?
We accept all major credit cards and direct bank transfers (ACH).  Please call with any other questions.
Can I reach the doctor after hours?
Of course!!!  This clinic was created so you can call your doctor when you need them.  Twist your ankle playing basketball and don't know what to do? Now you know who to call!  Cut your finger while cooking dinner?  Text a pic and we'll discuss what we need to do.  Who hasn't come down to their last pill and realized they were out of refills?  There are countless examples of after-hours needs. That's the beauty of Paradigm Family Health and having a real relationship with your doctor!
What do you NOT do?
We do not treat chronic pain or carry narcotics in our office.  We also do not provide prenatal care (obstetrics).  We are happy to refer you to a specialist for this care though.
What about vaccinations?
We use a third party vendor to help us keep vaccines stocked in the office, including COVID and RSV.  Check to see if your insurance is an accepted insurance or you can pay cash and submit for reimbursement.
If you do not have insurance, we can assist with going to a local pharmacy or health clinic that participates in the Texas Vaccine Program for free vaccinations or you can pay cash for your vaccines.  
What are the office hours?  
Monday through Friday we maintain general hours and we can arrange for visits outside of these hours if appropriate.  However, we are always availablevia tele-medicine (see below).
Are there other types of "visits"?
If the doctor deems you don't need to come in, let's avoid the hassle.  Many questions can be answered without an in-person visit, so we offer texting, email, phone calls, and video-conferencing to our members at no additional fee.  We also offer home and work-site visits for an additional fee.

More questions?  Feel free to call and schedule an initial consultation.

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