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Meet Dr. Staci Benson

Dr. Anastasia Benson and Family in Dallas for Paradigm Family Health, direct primary care (DPC) practice
Anastasia "Staci" Benson, DO
Board Certified in Family Medicine

"It's like having a doctor in the family."

Dr. Anastasia (Staci) Benson and her husband on a mission trip in Guatemala; direct primary care (DPC) Dallas, family medicine, Paradigm Family Health, Concierge Physician in Lakewood

As a teenager I remember my parents scraping together money to take me or one of my siblings to the doctor.  Even when we could afford health insurance, we still had to worry about deductibles and co-pays.  Those visits were the first time I realized the healthcare system was broken.  My parents owned their own business and worked countless hours - yet the system was failing them.  Over the past 2 decades, many things have changed within the system, and one of which has been the cost.  It's increasing!!!

I was raised in the Dallas suburb of Prosper with my four siblings and countless animals.  After graduating high school, I attended Southwestern University in Georgetown where I received a BA in Psychology followed by a Masters in Health Psychology from Texas State University.  I then moved to Arizona to attend Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine but returned to my roots in Dallas where I completed my Family Medicine residency at Methodist Charlton. 

My frustration with our current system, both as a physician and as a patient, has made it a no-brainer to take this leap - and even my non-medical husband agrees.  The system is broken.  I could get on my soapbox, but we all know the problems.  Paradigm Family Health was founded to simplify healthcare and eliminate the bureauracy. 

I entered medical school with the vision of serving my community with affordable and high-quality healthcare.  The direct primary care model is a membership-based model that helps decrease overall costs and passes the savings on to the patient.  All it takes is one abscess, one laceration, one ankle sprain, one Montezuma's revenge needing an IV, one illness while you're away on vacation, or one chronic disease and you can have hundreds if not thousands in healthcare bills.  That's where I come in.  

I opened Paradigm Family Health with a vision: we put the person in personalized healthcare.  We go the extra mile the same way we want our family cared for.  Same-day visits, 24hr access to your physician, savings on labs/imaging, and healthcare tailored to you and not your insurance company.  I became a family physician because I love caring for people and my community. At Paradigm Family Health, that's what we do.

I met my husband in college and we have four beautiful children.  We are both active in our professional and local communities.  You may find us walking around the neighborhood many evenings, going to the dog park at White Rock Lake or enjoying family time at the zoo or arboretum.  We love watching our daughters grow, and feel blessed every day to live here in Dallas.

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