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Dr. Benson is a true believer that we can fix healthcare by thinking outside the box and having price transparency with free market principles.  As a patient and a physician, she believes we can find solutions to help every American citizen regardless of age, race, or class.  There may not be a single solution that is "one size fits all", but Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a perfect start.  Our clinic's model aims to provide 80-90% of your healthcare needs while being an advocate for you during the remainder of your healthcare.  She envisions a day when patients pair a catastrophic coverage plan with DPC, and then use their health insurance like ANY other kind of insurance: for only the big purchases!  You wouldn't call your car insurance to pay for the gas in your car or your routine check-up; why do we do this in healthcare?  She actively participates in state and national health policy and organized medical organizations.

Recently, Dr. Benson was selected to serve on the National Physicians' Council for Healthcare Policy and has also met with many members of Congress, the Senate, Deputy Administrator of CMS, Dr. Patrick Conway, and recently spoke with key policy advisors for the White House.  She continues to fight for her patients and her community to have affordable and accessible healthcare WITHOUT impacting quality.

Dr. Benson with Dr. Garrison Bliss, Jay Keese, and Dr. Rushika Fernandoupule (L to R) representing the DPC Coalition at the White House.
Dr. Benson presenting to the Council and some members of Congress on Direct Care.
Dr. Page of Weatherford, Dr. Benson and Congressman Pete Sessions, our Lakewood Representative
Dr. Benson presenting to the Council and some members of Congress on Direct Care.

We Fight In Texas Too

This Spring, Dr. Benson was honored to serve as the Doctor of the Day for those that serve us this legislative session.
Do you want to get involved?  This session, one of the things Dr. Benson is passionate about is HB 1482. This would allow physician's to dispense medications from their office.  Can you imagine coming in for a sore throat, getting your strep test and visit included with your membership PLUS leave with your amoxicillin for $3? No extra stops! We are one of just FIVE states that can't do this. Let's advance Texas and increase access while decreasing costs! Call your state rep today! Especially if they sit on the Public Health Committee!
Dr. Benson being announced on the Texas House floor as the Physician of the Day in March 2017.



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