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Here at Paradigm Family Health we'd like to thank you for doing your part to keep others healthy.  To better help our clients and community we are now offering COVID-19 testing.

As a small practice, we have limited availability for swabbing of non-members, but we are offering one-time visits with swabbing or a one-month membership for your COVID19 related needs.

We will call you to schedule once you have paid for testing.  If you have questions, please call 214.810.3553.  We are open Monday thru Friday only.



Traveling and need a swab?  This is intended for no symptoms and no known exposures.  - $35 plus cost of test needed (two options below)


Please check with your destination on the appropriate type of testing required and timing for it, this is the patient's responsibility. We are not responsible for confirming type of testing needed.

1) Click here for to include a rapid antigen $50 - RAPID COVID TEST NEEDED

2) If PCR is required, please bring insurance card and drivers license.  No additional cost for PCR will be collected our office.  Current turn around is approximately 24hrs. Click here for PCR COVID TEST NEEDED


Click above, includes triaging, rapid antigen as indicated and PCR testing

-PCR will be billed to insurance if insured

-This is a service we are offering at this time to local residents to help with the pandemic in our DFW community.  

ONE MONTH MEMBERSHIP for COVID related needs - $200

-Any additional testing needed is included at membership rates and will be discussed as needed. This one month membership regarding COVID and does not include any other management.


PCR testing - $175 for results in 6-12hrs.  Please call to confirm availability before ordering.  This is a cash only option at this time. Does not includes $35 visit fee.  

What is PCR?

PCR results in 1-3 days, is an oral or nasal swab and is the most sensitive testing option for active infection. This is the preferred test for most travel requiring testing and for many school districts in our area.

There is a rapid PCR available, but we do not have access to that at our facility.

What is an rapid antigen test?

A rapid antigen test is not as accurate as a PCR, so confirmation should be done through a PCR when there are any concerns and it is negative.  You can also repeat a rapid antigen 24hrs later if high concern for COVID19. A rapid antigen is best used if you have been having symptoms for over 48hrs.

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