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Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.


Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Business Membership

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

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Membership Pricing

per Month

Please call    with questions.


Children 2 to 18yrs          $30/month  

(with 1 adult enrolled,  $55 otherwise)

Ages 19 to 29                     $55/month

Ages 30 to 49                     $75/month

Ages 50 to 69                     $95/month 

Ages 70 to 84                     $115/month

Ages 85 and up                    $130/month

Families (3+ members)       10% discount

Initial Enrollment Fee                  $150 per individual, $250 max/family
Home or Work Visit                     $50 and subject to availability
Discounts available for pre-paying for a year of membership.
There is not a minimum number of months required to join.

What's Included?

Family Medicine. The way it should be.
Family Medicine the way it was intended.  Kids and adults.  Urgent care.  Geriatric care.  Chronic disease management (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc).  Mental health.   Travel medicine.  Everything but the kitchen sink*.

Labs and procedures done in the office, no extra stops.

Membership includes procedures done in the office such as stitches.  No extra co-pays.  Got strep? No hassle needed, that test is included too.  Expect more from your doctor.

Office visits without hidden fees.

Need a visit?  You and your physician determine when and how often.  Same or next-day visits for acute issues.

No more co-pays or meeting your deductible.  No more unforeseen bills after the visit.


Extended time with the doctor

While not every visit necessitates a longer visit, many do.  30 to 90-minute appointments. Your health is more than just a 7 minute visit.  Come experience what it's like to actually have the time to talk to your doctor.


Home and worksite visits

That flu have you bed-ridden?  Can't get away from the office?
We'll come to you!  (Subject to availability, extra fee applies)


Specialist consults through RubiconMD.

Family Physicians can handle 85-90% of healthcare needs. This included service provides e-consults within 12hrs, decreasing need for a physical referral.  Find out more about RubiconMD here.

After hours care from your doctor

That's right.  Your doctor.  Not a random provider on an after-hours line.  You don't plan injuries and illnesses during regular business hours.  That's why you can call when needed.  Saving you time, hassle, and expense. 

Greatly discounted labwork and radiology

You can submit labs to your insurance or pay out of pocket - we've got them discounted!

*No other kitchen appliances are included in the membership either. From time to time we will offer additional services for our members but always at wholesale pricing.


It's those little extras...

Procedures are included in your membership fee, no hidden fees. 

Stitches                                                                   INCLUDED     

Splints (broken bones/sprains)                           INCLUDED

Skin biopsy                                                             INCLUDED*

Skin tag removal                                                    INCLUDED

EKG                                                                          INCLUDED

Breathing treatments                                           INCLUDED

Wound care                                                            INCLUDED

Wart freezing                                                          INCLUDED

Ear wax removal                                                    INCLUDED

Joint injection                                                         INCLUDED

Flu vaccines                                                            $10

*Plus pathology costs

We offer cutting edge technology to help achieve your health goals
  • Collaborative health care platform for telehealth with your physician and health coaching - Twine Health

  • Specialist e-consults - RubiconMD 

  • Cardiovascular Prevention - Corus cardiovascular health predictor and extensive cholesterol testing

  • Choosing the right meds for you - Your genes determine medication metabolism, so we utilize Epigenetics

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."

~Mahatma Gandhi~

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