Collaborative health care platform for telehealth with your physician and health coaching - Twine Health

Specialist e-consults - RubiconMD 

Cardiovascular Prevention - Corus cardiovascular health predictor and extensive cholesterol testing

Choosing the right meds for you - Your genes determine medication metabolism, so we utilize Epigenetics

Stitches                                                                   INCLUDED            

Splints (broken bones/sprains)                           INCLUDED

Skin biopsy                                                             INCLUDED (plus pathology costs)

Skin tag removal                                                    INCLUDED

EKG                                                                          INCLUDED

Breathing treatments                                           INCLUDED

Wound care                                                            INCLUDED

Wart freezing                                                          INCLUDED

Ear wax removal                                                    INCLUDED

Joint injection                                                         INCLUDED

Flu vaccines                                                            $10

Procedures are included in your membership fee, no hidden fees. 
We offer cutting edge technology to help achieve your health goals

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